The First Semester Tutorial

This event helps you to find your entry within your studies in your new life situation and not to lose the orientation. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to fill the first couple of weeks with enjoyment, fun and games. Hereby an allocated student tutor (senior student with a great will to help) will guide you for your introduction into your uni-life. You’ll learn plenty about the studies, the city of Graz and its countless opportunities for leisure activities. As it is to think about:

“To study is not only to study -- to study it is an art by itself!”

Entering in the winter term:
You’ll meet your tutors in junction with the Welcome Days. The Students Representatives Office for Chemical and Process Engineering organises annually a grill fest in the inner court of the Campus Inffeldgasse.

Entering in the summer term:
Please leave a message on our First Semester Tutorial Principals, because due to organisational reasons, the Welcome Days are only held once in a year.

Your FS-Tutors for the Year 2023/2024

Florian Fluch, Anna Grasser, Theresa Berghofer, Alexander Jennewein, Sebastian Stelzer