Company Network

We have compiled companies that could be potential employers for students and graduates of Process Engineering not only for career entry but also for internships, diploma and bachelor theses or dissertations.

We would be pleased to include yours in our company network!
Please contact us at


We are always eager to publish relevant job vacancies for students and graduates of Process Engineering alike (job offers, dissertations, diploma these and miscellaneous student’s involvement).

Simply forward us the relevant vacancy as a PDF-File to
We will furtherly publish it on this website and inform the students by E-Mail address.

VT-Soccer Tournament

For our annual soccer tournament in June, we are always looking for sponsoring partners and company representatives who want to be actively or passively involved in the tournament!

Process Engineering Regulars' Table

The Process Engineering Regulars' Table is organised twice a semester by the Process Engineering Study Representative Body and serves as a networking platform between students and graduates of process engineering and business

Participants are usually students of Chemical and Process Engineering and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering from the first semester up to doctoral studies, but graduates are also invited, with the number of participants ranging from 20 to 30 people.

As guests, companies from both the fields of process engineering and chemical and pharmaceutical engineering are invited.

Sequence of a regulars' table with company presentation:

  • 1 to 1.5 hours company presentation in the evening
    Including a general presentation of the company with career opportunities for process engineers followed by a technical presentation (e.g. completed projects, process engineering activities or specialisations within the company)
  • Audience questions about the presentation, the company or job opportunities.
  • Cosy end in a surrounding inn where discussions can be deepened furthermore.

Your options for participation are

  • to increase the awareness of your company in the field of process engineering at the Graz University of Technology, thus
  • acquiring students for internships an
  • the opportunity to inspire graduates for their company.

Your contribution to the Regular’s Table is

  • a company related presentation,
  • one or two specialist presentations and
  • possibly take over one or the other round at the final conclusion.

Our contribution involves

  • the organisation of a lecture hall for the presentation
  • the reservation in a nearby inn and
  • the invitation to the regulars' table with mention of your participation.


We are looking forward to your participation!