Run yourself

How can I participate?


Regardless of whether you plan on running yourself, the HTU needs you! Without the engagement of our members much would be impossible. If you do want to run as candidate, you may do so on three planes:


  1. Student council
  2. University representation
  3. Governmental representation


If you want to help but not by becoming a candidate, you can still support the aforementioned planes. To get further info talk to your preferred branch or read up on our homepage


Which plane suits me best?


That depends on where you want to work.


You'd be running for the student council if you want to work directly with students, represent one major as well as working with the universities' representatives to create various projects and events. Further student councils are responsible for tutoring first time students and nominating members for boards such as appeal boards or study commissions.


To run for the university representation you need to be part of a group or list. These are either supported by political parties or non-political. Any list needs a certain amount of declarations of support to be officially recognised. If your list is elected and you receive a mandate you're officially a mandatee and represent students at the university and the league. Here a lot of important and impactful decisions are being made and the goals of the HTU are set. This plane is always in direct contact with the student councils to aid them if necessary. Various departments are integrated at this plane, which you can also be part of if you don't want to work at the inter-universital plane. You'll find the departments here


If you want to run as candidate for the governmental plane you'll need to be on a list as well, This plane is in permanent contact with all university boards and ministres of austria.


I've made my decision, what's the next step?


You'll find the necessary dates and forms on this site. Should you need help please contact us.