Permanent election commitee at the TU Graz

The permanent election commitee at the TU Graz is repsonsible for the orderly conduct of the ÖH election at the TU Graz. It's lead by the president (a juristically skillfull person which is known to the TU Graz) as well as representatives of the three most voted for fractions.

Composition of the election commitee of the ÖH election 2021

Persident: Kurzmann, Daniel, Mag.iur. BA MA (info card)

Representatives:  Peter Pranter, Michael Raith, Herwig Siebenhofer

Responsibilities of the election commitee

The charge of the election commitee is set via the § 4 HSWO.


Daniel Kurzmann
Room: AT112C
Rechbauerstraße 12, ground floor