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Reasons to vote

Why vote?

  • Because competent counseling  and service only work if they're given by an autonomous students' council.
  • Because we can do more together!
  • Because the HTU is on the students' side no matter what.
  • Because student-friendly politics are only realised, if the HTU fights for students' rights.
  • Because every voice matters and the HTU can better negotiate for your best interest.


The HTU Graz is the only students' council that is completely on the students' side and represents their interests at the university. Without the HTU Graz the students' autonomy would've been reduced to a bare minimum ages ago. Every voice strengthens our position in negotiating with the universities and aids in improving the students' conditions. The HTU Graz is there for you, be there for the HTU Graz!


The HTU takes on almost the entire counseling for students, from right after graduation to a doctorate. We aid in finding the right major, give advice on legal matters or scholarships and solve any problems that might occur during your studies. Without the competent work the HTU provides there'd be an influx of headaches, confusion and misinformation. With your voice the already impressive counselling offer the HTU provides is supported and set to improve even further.


Only through the comitted people at the HTU it's possible to offer a Repertoire of services aimed at improving your everyday life, which benefit students. Part of these are the lending of events, the makerspace and the 24/7-learning spots, all of which are available to students for free. Every vote proactively supports and strengthens these services and their conservation.