Queer Buddy

You can meet a member of our team in advance to clarify questions about our department, to get an overview of queer events or to reduce fears of first contact. Nobody is asked about sexual orientation or the like – please don't be afraid of a forced outing!


The meeting can take place in a café, in the park or in the ÖH building – it's up to you! The buddy will also be happy to accompany you to our events!   Write us on Facebook or contact us via e-mail (queerbuddy@oehunigraz.at).


Tanja | studies pharmacy


Hi, I'm Tanja! I'm from Carinthia and I moved to Graz a few years ago for my studies. You can recognize me by an open, friendly nature and interest in almost all subject areas. When I'm not immersed in chemical formulas, you can often find me with a book, without which I rarely leave the house. I would be happy if I could answer your questions and/or accompany you to one of our events. As a buddy, I would like to make it easier for you to find your way around the community and take away any uncertainties you may have.


Martin (he/him) | studies Information and Computer Engineering


Hi, I am Martin, and I am originally from the State of Salzburg. I came to Graz for my studies in 2020 and fell in love with the city instantly, even though I miss the lakes at home on hot summer days 😉

In my studies I focus on microelectronics, that means the tiny chips that keep our lives running.

Besides my interests in new technologies, I am a real nerd for European politics. You can discuss this and everything that has to do with cars with me at length. But I am always up for other topics too.

I try to spend my free time outside as often as possible. I love to go for a run, go on tours with my bike on the weekends or just stroll through the city.


Before the first time I went to an event of the Queer Society, I was unsure whether I would feel comfortable there – especially since I did not know anyone there and I am not the most outgoing person. But the buddy program eased my concerns. And I met a lot of nice people and some new friends from the community at the events.

Since 2023, I have been involved in the Queer Society myself. I regularly attend the “Stammtisch” gatherings and game nights, but I enjoy attending other queer events too😊


Marc (he/him) | is studying law


Hello, as a native of Styria, I returned to my roots seven years ago. Although I also feel at home in Graz, the center of my life is no longer exclusively here. While I often have to immerse myself in thick books, long judgments or various doctrines due to my studies, I love to stick my nose back into books in the evening and immerse myself in completely different worlds. When it's not reading, I'm interested in a variety of activities and topics such as running, nutrition, world politics, modern art or even a sewing project and can get excited or inspired by almost any topic and interest in the context of a conversation.


My motivation to support you as a buddy is that access to the community can often be difficult and sometimes you just need someone to support you. Physical participation in our events is now often relatively difficult and is therefore only rarely possible. I therefore offer you the opportunity to discuss your initial concerns/unclear questions with me in an online conversation. I would be happy to make it easier for you to access the community in this way.


As you can easily see from this (quite long) text, one of my functions in the Queer Department is to support you as a Queer Buddy. I am also a little help at the various events. This usually involves help with setting up and dismantling, support in organizing certain events and an open ear if you have any questions or problems (even outside of office hours).


Charlotte | studies psychology


Hi, I’m Charlotte and I’m from Germany. I’ve been studying in Graz for several years and I also work as a Special Need’s Assistant. In my free time I like to sing, exercise, and relax by reading, listening to music or watching TV Shows.

I joined the Queer Students in October 2022 and have helped out at several events including our mulled wine stand and an educational event about sexual health. My biggest task so far was organizing the Volunteers for the Pride Parade in 2023 which was very fun.

I also like to join in on the quieter events like our roundtable, game nights and bookclub meetings.

I think the Buddy program is a great idea as I was a bit shy myself at the beginning of my studies and it took me a while to find my way to the Queer Students. I would like to make this easier for you by accompanying you to events or answering all your questions!