No one was born a master

During our first attempt to create a natural meadow we noticed that we lacked experience. We thought that it would be sufficient to plant the plants in the meadow. Our friends from the nature conservation association told us that the flowering plants are in competition with the grasses. They recommended that we remove the entire meadow and then plant the flowers.  This way the wild flowers have enough space and light to grow well.


A new home for a variety of insects

It did not take long until the new flowers were accepted by the insects. We are interested in whether the diversity of species and insects increases through our planting strategy. So this was the start of a series of regular photo recordings.


Let it bloom

To make an impression on the people at the beginning of the project, we decided to create a beautiful flower meadow. When choosing the plants we took care that they are ecologically valuable. That means they should be useful for bees and insects. Furthermore, they should look beautiful and also serve as tea plants.


First steps

In the course of the expansion of the Campus Garden we first had to tear out some old and rotten wood to replace it with useful shrubs. With heavy manual handwork we removed one rootstock after the other. But it was worth it. The green cuttings were then used to fill the first layer in the raised beds.