Important Changes Bachelor


  • Datastructures and Algorithms 1
    • Moved from 3rd Semester to 2nd Semester in CS/SEM
    • Reason is the important knowledge being taught to late and teaching it with Datastructures and Algorithms 2 in the same semester
    • Will still be available in the winter semester for the time being
  • Logic and Computability VO + KU
    • Moved from 4th Semester to 3rd Semester in CS
    • Reason is to have the lecture before "Grundlagen AI und Logik"
  • Data Management VO + KU
    • Moved from 2nd Semester to 4th Semester in CS/SEM
    • Reason is due to the changes made in the other two lectures to have approx. 30 ECTS per Semester
  • Readjustment of free choice subject ECTS to fit the changes in the Plan
    • 2nd Semester ECTS: 2 ECTS to 1.5 ECTS in CS/SEM
    • 3rd Semester ECTS: 2 ECTS to 2.5 ECTS in CS
    • 3rd Semester ECTS: 2 ECTS to 4.5 ECTS in SEM
    • 4th Semester ECTS: 2 ECTS to 0 ECTS in SEM


New Lecture:

  • "Vielfalt im Zentrum der Forschung" added as a Wahlmodul in CS/SEM
    3 ECTS, 2 SSt. Seminar

Important Changes Master

New Lectures:

  • "Distributed Algorithms VU" was added to A3
    5 ECTS
  • "Advanced Information Theory VU" was added to A5 (CS/SEM) and K5 (CS only)
    3 ECTS
  • "Explinations in Artifical Intelligence VU" was added to E3 and G6
    3 ECTS
    This is a new lecture
  • "Seminar Probabilistic Machine Learning SE" was added to E7 and G7
    3.5 ECTS
  • "Wearable Computing VU" was added to F3, H3 and M3
    5 ECTS
  • "Spoken Language in Human and Computer-Human Dialogue VU" was added to H4
    3 ECTS
  • "Information Architecture andWeb Usability VU" was added to I5
    5 ECTS
  • "Future Studies II: Theories and uses VU" was added to N (CS) and S (SEM)
    4 ECTS
  • "Vielfalt im Zentrum der Forschung SE" was added to N (CS) and S (SEM)
    3 ECTS
  • "Cryptography on Hardware Platforms"
    Is currently "Selected Topics of Information Security 705.221
    VU, 3 SWS, 5 ECTS, WS
    Added to D3
  • "Introduction to Quantum Computing" / "Einführung in Quantum Computing"
    Is currently a free LV 706.724
    VO, 2 SWS, 3 ECTS, WS
    Added to D3 and A5
  • "Buisness Economics Lab" 3 SWS, 3 ECTS in N2 (SEM)
    Was "Buisness Valuation"


Changes of Semester:

  • "Automatic Speech Recognition" was moved to the WS
  • "Logik und Berechenbarkeit VO+KU" was renamed to "Logic and Computability VO+KU" and moved to WS
    Reasoning is the change in the Bachelor
    Curriculum wrongly said its 1.5 ECTS for the KU, was fixed to the correct 1 ECTS

Further Changes Bachelor

Renaming of Lectures:

  • Projektmanagement was renamed to "Projektmanagement in der Softwareentwicklung"
    • Collision with different lecture that is named the same
  • Numerische Optimierung VO + KU was renamed to "Nonlinear Optimization VO + KU"
    • Course is in english and theres a different course with that same name
  • Logik und Berechenbarkeit was renamed to "Logic and Computability VO + KU"
    • In the Master this lecture has the english name. It is taught in english, therefore renaming in the bachelor
  • Web Technology was renamed to "Advanced Information Retrieval"
    • Reason: Renamed in the Master
  • Computational Social Systems 1 was renamed to "Computational Modelling of Social Systems"
    • Reason: Renamed in the Master


Readjustments of Lectures:

  • Human Computer Interaction VU changed to 1/3 SSt. VO and 2/3 SSt. UE
    • Reason: Better reflects the time invested in the lecture
  • Gesellschaftiliche Aspekte der Informationstechnologie VU was 1.5/1.5 SSt. VO and 0.5/1.5 SSt. UE, is now 1.5/2 SSt. VO and 0.5/2 SSt. UE
    • Reason: Lecture had 2 SSt., not 1.5 SSt. This was an error and now it is fixed.

Further Changes Master


  • "Information Visualization" was renamed to "Information Visualisation"
    Reason: Typo
  • "Futurology" was renamed to "Future Studies I: Foundations and methods"
  • "Numerical Optimization" was renamed to "Nonlinear Optimization"
    Same reasons as the Bachelor