IAIK | Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications


IAIK is one of the leading research institutions in cybersecurity and active in the following four areas: Cryptology & Privacy, Formal Methods, System Security, and Secure Applications. Overall, the researchers of the institute have published more than 1000 scientific publications.

Among the sparkling highlights of IAIK’s research are the processor vulnerabilities known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”. Cryptographers of the institute have contributed to major worldwide competitions in cryptography, like AES, SHA-3, and CAESAR; these contributions were always shortlisted or even won the competition.


Master's Thesis and Project

CGV | Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualisation


Our research and teaching focuses on areas of geometry modeling and processing, digital libraries and research fields related to these, namely CAGD (Computer Aided Geometric Design), Virtual reality, and Cultural Heritage.

Our research projects, many in cooperation with industry and international academic research groups, are funded by the European Union and Austrian funding agencies FWF and FFG. The Institute has a close cooperation with Fraunhofer Austria.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

IGI | Institute of Theoretical Computer Science


The Institute of Theoretical Computer Science was founded in 1992 to investigate fundamental problems in information processing such as the design of computer algorithms, the complexity of computations and computational models, automated knowledge acquisition (machine learning), the complexity of learning algorithms, pattern recognition with artificial neural networks, computational geometry, and information processing in biological neural systems.

Its research integrates methods from mathematics, computer science and computational neuroscience.

Bachelor and Master Theses

ISDS | Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science

About ISDS:

The Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science (ISDS) is a culmination of two major streams: Interactive Systems (IS) and Data Science (DS).

Interactive Systems address a wide range of computer systems characterised by significant amounts of interaction and modalities between humans and the computer.

Data Science comprises both advanced data analytics as well as large scale data management. Thereby, data analytics deals with research fields such as knowledge discovery, data mining, or machine learning, whereas data management is concerned with fundamentals of database systems, distributes databases, or more recently NoSQL database technologies.

Bachelor and Master Theses

ICG | Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision

About ICG:

We are the only Austrian academic group with the charter to address all of visual computing, encompassing both computer vision and computer graphics. Our research is focused on visualization, rendering, virtual reality, augmented reality, object recognition and reconstruction, machine learning, medical imaging and robot vision.

Bachelor and Master Theses

ITI | Institute of Technical Informatics

About ITI:

Research Areas:

  • Networked Embedded Systems: The Networked Embedded Systems working group, headed by Prof. Dr. Kay Römer, investigates design, implementation, and test of sensor networks, Internet of Things, and Cyber-Physical Systems with special emphasis on networking and software engineering aspects.
  • Embedded Automotive Systems: The Embedded Automotive Systems group, headed by Prof. Dr. Marcel Baunach, investigates the design, implementation, and test of operating systems, multi-core architectures, and wireless networks within the automotive domain.
  • Hardware / Software-Codesign: The HW/SW codesign group, headed by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Christian Steger, deals with embedded systems, HW/SW codesign, and power awareness.
  • Industrial Informatics: Industry oriented topics. Tackling needs and challenges in complex and critical systems engineering, practical approaches to Functional Safety and Secuity, technology, quality, process improvement, and compulsory standards. Plus dedicated industry courses on Functional Safety and Automotive Integrated Quality.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

BWL | Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology

About BWL:

The Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology at Graz University of Technology consists of a dynamic, enthusiastic and flexible team, operating as industrial engineers, knowledge managers, teachers and consultants in the fields of Business Economics, Management Accounting, Industrial Sociology and Communication.

Our current research focuses on the following areas:

  • Management Control, Accounting and Finance
  • Industrial Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Human Resource Management and Industrial Sociology

Bachelor and Master Thesis

IIM | Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management

About IIM:

The IIM is one of 17 institutes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences at Graz University of Technology. The institute offers more than 30 courses for Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

Research and teaching focuses on topics related to the product creation process from the product idea to production covering four main areas: Agility, Digitalization, Product Design and Maker Movement.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

UFO | Institute of General Management and Organisation

About UFO:

The Institute of General Management and Organisation is an organizational unit at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences at Graz University of Technology. Our courses and projects offer insights into economic sciences targeting the interface of economy and technology.

Industrial corporations seek our expertise in general management, organization, strategic development as well as technology and innovation management. We offer different types of partnerships from single guided student efforts up to large scale projects.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

IST | Institute of Software Technology


The Institute of Software Technology is concerned with the theoretical, practical and applied aspects of software engineering. Research lies in the field of intelligent systems, formal verification and systematic testing of software, artificial intelligence, requirements engineering, recommender systems, optimization of industrial problems, game theory, agile software development processes, computer languages, computer science education, management of software development projects (including knowledge management), software development for and on smartphones and tablets, combinatorics and complexity theory, algorithms and computational geometry, and intelligent autonomous robots.

Theses, projects, and scientific writing



INE | Institute of Neural Engineering


The Institute of Neural Engineering is an internationally renowned research institution with focus on brain-computer communication and dynamics of brain oscillations. Expertise in electroencephalography (EEG) recording, offline and online signal processing of brain signals and other biosignals, feature extraction, machine learning methods applied to brain patterns, and neurofeedback systems.

Bachelor and Master Thesis