Get Active

We are always searching for people who…


  • …like to meet other PhDs to exchange their experiences.
  • …would like to get active in their DocSchool to strengthen the networking between PhDs and to enhance the study and work related situation for PhDs there.
  • …are fond of designing posters, flyers, etc.
  • …enjoy posting news and pictures on social media.
  • …are interested in committee work.
  • …want to organise presentations, sport events, fun trips or other events with our support.


If you join us, you profit from…


  • …a broad network of PhDs of the whole TU that comes with a huge amount of know-how.
  • …financial support to realise projects and events for PhDs quickly and easily.
  • …the possibility to change your study and work related situation to the better.
  • …working together with other committed, super-nice PhDs :)


If you're curious now, just drop us an email and come along to our next meeting! We look forward to getting to know you!