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Your HTU/In a nutshell

In a nutshell

What does HTU Graz provide for you? Here’s a short overview with additional links for your information.


Counseling & Information

Social issues

It doesn’t matter if you want to work while you’re studying, if you’re a foreign student, a student with a small child or a student with disabilities; whether you have questions about grants, insurance or housing: our social affairs department can help you.

Laws regulating university studies 

Questions about the examination process, assessments, courses, university study laws in general? more» 

Student counseling 

We are happy to help you getting started and changing your degree program and are always at hand if you have any questions involving your specific curriculum or studying in general.

Equal opportunities 

Our departments for women’s policy and LGBTQ+ are glad to help you with any problems concerning discrimination and networking.

Incoming students

Who’s responsible for our foreign exchange students (Erasmus & Co.)? Our department of international relations, part of the Erasmus Student Network! 

Financial Support

Social financial support: For further information, don’t hesitate to contact our department for social affairs.

Social benefits 

one-time grant per semester of varying amounts for students with financial hardships.

Meal stamp 

Discount for every meal at the canteen. 

Meal allowance 

one-time grant per semester provided by the state of Styria. 


free/discounted admission to cultural events across the country.

We also provide a special fund for projects; Find more information here on how to fund YOUR project!


You can find specific dates in our News section, on our calendar or on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail! 

  •     Tenant law, CV and insurance checks
  •     TU-Fest in summer and winter semesters
  •     Booths selling hard cider, mulled wine or white wine spritzers, ...
  •     Topical presentation by your student representatives



HTU GmbH offers copying and (3D-) printing, official TU-Merch, office material, syllabi, and much more.

Study Rooms 

on every campus including the HTU study room 


Virtual bulletin board for jobs and residence sponsored by the students’ unions of Graz

Collection of exam papers

Rental service 

Equipment is available for your event free of charge. We have freight bicycles for your use as well.


Degree-specific student representatives

Co-creation of curricula, solving course-related problems, organizing events, … |one per degree program

University representatives: Discussing and passing resolutions for HTU projects involving the university.


The council consisting of 26 members can be compared with a parliament. The members consist of selected people of the professorate, non-professional teaching staff and six students, each with equal voting rights.


Our staff almost exclusively consists of voluntary students. That’s why we’re always looking for new people for our representative’s offices and departments!

Depending on your function you may have some of these benefits:

  •     Extension of tuition-free period and social benefits
  •     Representation allowance
  •     Free seminars for improving soft skills and internal events
  •     Flexible working hours
  •     Opportunity to establish new contacts and friendships

Find more in our ‘Contribute’ section or send an e-mail to koordinationnoSpam@htu.tugraz.at!


Important Contact Points

Counseling & Information

Financial Support