HochschülerInnenschaft an der TU Graz
Your HTU/Departments

Duties of the departments

In order to handle the immense volume of duties at HTU, the chair has established a number of departments, also part of the students’ union. The departments specialize in different fields of duty and help to reduce the workload of the chair. All departments work for the chair and are bound by their instructions. You can find more detailed information about all the departments here. 

HTU Graz has the following departments:

  •     Social Affairs
  •     Educational Policies
  •     Guidance Counseling for Students
  •     Public Relations Office
  •     Foreign Students
  •     Economic Affairs
  •     International Affairs
  •     Organization, Events and Culture
  •     Women’s Policy
  •     Queer Students
  •     Social Policies
  •     IT-Services