HochschülerInnenschaft an der TU Graz

Duties of degree-specific student representatives

Degree-specific student representatives are responsible for any problems you may encounter during the course of your studies. Their aim is to enable a smooth and easy organization of studies for their students. This is done by working on and developing the curricula with the university and providing individual counseling for students who may encounter problems. Counseling includes consultation for freshmen, aiding with bureaucratic obstacles and intervening in any problems with lecturers and teaching staff. If you have any questions regarding your degree program’s curricula and credit transfer, your degree-specific student representatives are the ones to talk to. YOU are in charge of appointing your degree-specific student representatives. At the student representatives’ elections (ÖH-Wahl) every two years, you can elect the students you want to represent you for the next period. Depending on the number of students in your degree program, three to five representatives can be elected.